The following is more of a list for my own use, but I figured I could share the list of tools I use to make my technical life easier! ūüôā

Here’s a site with an unfiltered list (meaning I’m not vouching for the one you pick to download).



VLC РThe most versatile media player available.  Plays every file on my computer.

Firefox – MUCH better internet browsing than Internet Explorer. ¬†Use this or Google’s Chrome browser.

Chrome –¬†MUCH better internet browsing than Internet Explorer. ¬†Use this or the Mozilla Firefox browser.

7zip – My default compressed file handler.

Foxit Reader РThe only PDF reader I like.  Lightweight, and updated better than Adobe Reader.

CdBurnerXP РMy personal favorite CD Burning software.  Handles music, data, images, etc. with ease.

Notepad++ РA much more functional plain text editor.  Useful for basic tasks to html editing!

Paint.NET – An image editing tool that goes much further in function than the default ‘MS Paint’.

TeraCopy – A copy/move handler that deals with errors much better than Windows 7 built in!

LibreOffice – A Microsoft Office competitor, does most of what Office does, but FREE!


SpiderOak РKeeps my files ENCRYPTED and in-sync.  The encryption puts it above DropBox for me.

FileZilla – My preferred FTP manager for website maintenance.

CC Cleaner – Cleaning up crap off my computer – but make sure you don’t let it eliminate something you like (like recently accessed files)

Truecrypt РDate encryption at its finest.  Rock solid.  Easy to use.  Open source.

PDFCreator – Allows me to print documents, websites, whatever to a PDF file for future reference.


Process Hacker РBetter than Process Explorer, used for viewing running processes.

Putty – An SSH/Telnet utility.


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