Still alive :)

So I’m still alive.

Quick update (because anything else would break my trend).

  1. Just got around to updating the blog/PHP version it was running – updated, checked it, looks fine, apply a one-way migration. Too bad the actual preview takes a few minutes. I checked back, and it was broke. It also was incompatible with my nicely customized theme, so that’s gone forever :/ We’ll have this new theme for now (and potentially many years).
  2. Work is great. I love my job, career and helping people. Still have NIS. Also have a solid full-time gig/job. I like lots of risk, lots of reward, having fun living day-to-day, and just generally enjoying life, enjoying work, and really loving my family, and ultimately, Jesus Christ.
  3. Other things are good. If you know me, you know those things. If you’re an Internet Stranger, or stalker, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Ohhh – politics. Lovely thing. People really should understand both sides of the debate/argument/option before forming an opinion. I’d tend to say that anything less than a decent understanding of the various plans/options is ignorance. Also, it’s very easy to vote for other people to spend their money – spend your own money.

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