Life update

So, I know I started this blog a while ago, but at least I’m keeping it alive, and updating the pages.

Anyway, on Valentines day I gave my wife the gift of joblessness.  Ha.  That would be nice and classic – but really, that was my last day at my formal job.

I’ve now embarked on a journey as a freelance consulting firm, New Image Solutions, LLC.  I have a solid client that I’m excited to work with, while helping to grow their it and tech areas.  Being on my own is interesting.  It’s sometimes hard to stay focused, but losing focus comes with the direct result of losing money, since those aren’t billable hours.

Oh – and I’m now rocking a healthier diet.  Green smoothies for lunch!  Working out in the morning!  Those are the two biggest immediate benefits I wanted from working at home.  Convenience of time shifting and enabling me to be hungry when I want to, to take a workout break, etc.  I have a Ninja blender and it does a pretty darn good job making my food.  I really want (and will soon get) a Vitamix, but for now, the Ninja is doing an acceptable job filling my needs.  I mix some frozen blueberries, strawberries, pineapple (which I let thaw for a few minutes) with some spinich, kale, and collard greens, then add wheat-germ, oat grain, flax seed, and protein powder to it.  I’ll also frequently toss in a cored apple and a banana.  mmmm mmm good.  It’s good stuff.  It doesn’t take like a sugary surprise, but it doesn’t taste bad, and it’s really healthy.  Typically I drink about 16-24oz of this stuff.  I give my wife about 10-16 oz.  We both like it, and over the summer I’m making more for her, while during the rest of the year, I can make additional for her lunches.  Fresh each day!  Tastes great!

That’s about it.  I’m not sure what else to say here, except that I’m alive.  I realized I really don’t know if a true ‘blog’ format was best, perhaps I’ll make the computer advice the front page – although I should probably put that content on my business website.  hmmm.  Anyway, I’m alive, well and kicking.

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